05 United Airlines Midfield FIS

Washington Dulles International Airport

Project Narrative

Originally designed by Giuliani Associates in 1995, the Concourse C FIS facility at Washington Dulles International Airport has been redesigned and expanded to 73,000 SF to increase the processing capacity from 600 to 1200 passengers/hour. The expanded FIS facility includes a new CBP primary inspections station, new CBP secondary inspections area, expanded TSA baggage screening area, and new TSA passenger screening area. To accommodate the new and expanded FIS facility, the existing baggage claim area has been refurbished and adjacent airline ramp operations support areas reconfigured. All areas have been designed and constructed in accordance with CBP Design Standards; TSA Design Guidelines; MWAA Design Manual Requirements; and with ADAAG, Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Size: 73,000 square feet

Project Statistics

Square Feet Dollars Months D/B Years

Design & Construction Team

Architecture & Interiors | Giuliani Associates Architects

Aircraft Apron Design | Falcon Gate

Structural Engineer | Ammann & Whitney

M/E/P Engineering | RDK Engineering

Baggage Handling Systems | BNP Associates

Wayfinding | Giuliani Associates

General Contractor | Patner