US Air Flight Training Facility

Pittsburgh Flight Training Center

Project Narrative

Giuliani Associates was retained by USAir to develop a new flight training facility at the Pittsburgh hub in Allegheny County. The concept was to develop a facility that would run 24x7x365. USAir wanted to build a facility that would allow them to offer flight training in-house. The idea was a success and within six months Giuliani Associates was designing an expansion to the facility that doubled its operating capacity. The facility was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility used state of the art concepts long before other architects were thinking “green”. To help offset the tremendous cooling loads, a portion of the facility was designed below grade. Orientation, shape, and materials also helped to decrease heat loads. A modular design allowed the building to be scaled to the demand. As the program grew, six more modules were added.

Client: USAir

Project Statistics

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